Living with a quieter mind and an open hart

“Re-live! A new day
Purify body and mind
And … start anew and fresh! “

What is Mindfulness?

Breath - Body - Mind

Minful coaching training

Are you always aware of what you are doing?

The story of the master and the student

You may have heard the story of the master and his apprentice. A lot of work awaits them, while the master sits quietly at the table, eating his meal. The apprentice feels quite agitated and asks the master how he can eat so calmly. The master answers:
“When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep and when I work, I work. “

Mindfulness literally means: being aware of your mind

In other words, do what you are doing very consciously. How do you do that? One method for this is mindfulness. Mindfulness allows you to be present consciously in every moment, every second of the day, in everything you do.

Mindfulness reduces stress and blockages

Mindfulness is different from living a routine life, working on your career and filling your bank account. It is about living from your heart, feeling what you are doing and thinking about what you are feeling. In your body, with your breath, with your heart. Be observant. Always and everywhere.

Mindfulness is conscious living without blockages and stress. Taking time for yourself, for others and for your environment. Being in contact with yourself, your feelings and everything around you. Mindfulness not only helps to ease complaints such as stress, loss, burnout or tension, it also helps you become aware of physical pains and vague symptoms that are asking for your attention.

Mindfulness is based on science

Jon Kabat-Zinn worked at the University Hospital in Massachusetts, USA as a microbiologist. His 1979 MBSR “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” program showed not only a significant decrease in the physical complaints experienced by the participants, but also a considerable improvement in terms of their mental well-being.

In the Netherlands, the Radboud University Medical Center Mindfulness conducts
permanent scientific research.


Farida Ishak, cosmopolite, yoga teacher, MBSR trainer & coach
Farida is a Post-Bachelor certified MBSR Trainer, registered with the Association of Mindfulness Trainers in Netherlands (VMBN 2017930, category 1)

All our knowledge, experience and travel do not determine WHO we are

An educational background in Psychology, various management training courses, extensive work experience in large international corporate organizations and regular trips abroad made me realize that we live in a world where it matters ‘what’ we are, instead of ‘who’ we are.

What do we do to be “happy”?

Are we happy when we “belong”? Do Material Things Really Make Us Happy? Does a higher salary, a better status, a bigger house or a nicer car provide our “ultimate” happiness?
All of this seems to make us happy, but that’s just the outside.

After experiencing an intense event in my life, my search for answers led me to some very special and valuable teachers in Nepal and India. To this day I am very grateful for their teachings about mindfulness and meditation. In order to heal and to find myself, I have followed several intensive (silent) retreats in a monastery and in ashrams, staying there for longer periods of time. There I made peace with myself.

Meditation, yoga and mindfulness

I have been taught meditation techniques by several masters including: Shamata, Vipassana and Metta.
I learned to develop and strengthen my concentration, analytical skills and insight and practised compassion for ourselves and others. These lessons have led me to special experiences and deep insights for which I am very grateful. Being a practitioner of traditional hatha yoga which is based on correct breathing, combined with Mindfulness, completed the circle for me.

The inner journey

During intensive programs and retreats, I was able to dive deeply into this special personal journey.
If you are also curious about your inner journey and would like to discover more about yourself, I would like to share my experiences and insights with you.

We chase what we don’t (yet) have and so much beauty is already present

In our “externally” oriented society, we pay little attention to our “inner world”. Our constant striving for bigger and better leaves little room for our inner world to develop. We don’t fully appreciate the present, but constantly pursue what we don’t (yet) have. This loss of orientation in life results in mental and physical complaints.

Mindfulness, yoga and meditation are means of looking at ourselves with an open and honest reflection. “Who am I really?”


Reflecting on your life, without judgment, during an intensive 8-week training

With peace, focus, insight and awareness and paying attention to your breath, you learn to look at your life in a new way without judgment, without the tendency to change or adjust it. It gives you insight. You take a big step towards relief from difficulties and situations, so that there is room for change and acceptance. Problems don’t just disappear. This requires commitment, patience and regular practice with discipline.

As the Buddha said: “Do not follow me, do not act like me, but do research yourself. Find the hidden Buddha in yourself, and you will find your original self.”

Find your origin with yoga and breathing exercises

Using yoga exercises, you will learn to move mindfully and correct breathing techniques will help you to feel which muscles you are using, allowing you to perform a “difficult” posture with attention and calmness. You will recognize the limitations of your body with certain exercises and learn to deal with them by creating space with breathing exercises. By breathing correctly and consciously during the yoga exercises, you make contact with your body and mind.

Experience your body and mind with meditation techniques

Through meditation techniques, you learn to experience what is happening in your body and mind. There is great beauty in the experience of discovering deep inner qualities as the training progresses and to dwell on them longer.
The silence of your body and mind let you go to a deep place within yourself. By being confident you will reach this place, you experience the silence and depth in the meditation of your inner world. By learning to let go of external conditioning, you feel peace, stability, joy and flexibility.

From there you can live from your heart.


Farida is a Post-Bachelor certified MBSR Trainer, registered with the Association of Mindfulness Trainers in Netherlands (VMBN 2017930, category 1)

For anyone with an open mind for growth

mindful coaching training

For requests from India and Surinam, a customized package is offered in INR or USD currency.
Ask for the possibilities via the contactform.


Costs €600,-  for individual one-on-one training. The training is given face to face or online (via Zoom or Skype) combined with walking in nature.


Costs: €750,- p.p. for In-company group training (max. 5 participants)

Costs: €900,- for individual one-on-one training

More and more employers are willing to reimburse the costs under health and wellness, stress prevention or education.

All amounts are incl.VAT6

Compensation by Dutch health-care insurance companies:

Only if you have a supplementary health-care coverage besides your compulsory health insurance, the costs to follow a Mindfulness training are being compensated by most health-care insurance companies.

The compensation can be up to € 350,- and a referral by the General Practitioner is required to be eligible for this.

Please note that this compensation is only valid if the training is given by a Level 1 Trainer registered with the Association of Mindfulness (VMBN).

Mindful Coaching Training

An individual follow-up training of 5 to 8 sessions, each 90 minutes at a time.
The follow-up training is given as life coaching; to reach a deeper level for yourself but also to ensure you have a grip on Mindfulness and can apply this if you run into other issues in life and feel a need for extra support.


€ 75 per session private individuals
€ 90 per session freelancers
€ 115 per session employers / companies



Farida Ishak Mindful Coaching Training



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VAT: NL001612659B58


CorrieImmediately the first time I felt at ease!
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Immediately the first time I felt at ease and safe so that I could show myself. In yoga Farida pays close attention to your posture and whether you perform the exercise properly. This gives confidence. Farida makes me feel that she hears me, doesn't judge me, which has allowed me to be more open and that has helped me enormously.
OttoFor the first time I felt at ease with an unknown person.
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I have learned to recognize pitfalls, to break old patterns, to give time and attention to myself, to rediscover the way to myself. Dealing with the trainer was very pleasant, for the first time I felt at ease with an unknown person.
HeleneThis is a long term, life changing course.
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I have not followed a mindfulness course before, but I have used the Headspace app. I used it as a quick remedy or panic situations. However, it did not provide me with the same depth of understanding and breathing techniques that Farida was able to. This is a long term, life changing course. Farida was excellent. She is welcoming, loving, patient and encouraging. It is a rare blessing to meet someone as her. She has an incredible perceptive nature and knows exactly what is necessary on an interaction level at each different stage of the training.
LiesFarida is a very nice trainer, listens and observes very well.
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Have a bit of confidence in how the process works, give yourself some rest if your body asks for it. Live “internal” more often. Farida is a very nice trainer, listens and observes very well - can convey concepts in such a way that it is easier to apply in their own situation. Great trainer to mirror, very pleasant, professional but with a very familiar feeling. This is what makes the training so successful.

Registration no. VMBN – 2017930 – Category 1